Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Search Trick!

This has little to do with pediatrics, unless you consider that I refer patient parents to our website all the time.

But I learned a really, really cool new trick recently from Amy S in our office. (We LOVE Amy! She is a behind the scenes person rarely noticed by patients, but an integral part of our office!)

So, what's the new trick?

You can search a word/topic in Google with a restriction of a particular website.

Search "eczema: pediatricpartnerskc.com" and you will get

That first page is our eczema page. The next several are other pages on our website that mention eczema.

Pretty cool, huh!

So if you're ever looking for a page and you know it is on a particular website, or you have a favorite website and you want to see if they cover a topic, you can limit your search.

Pretty cool, if I do say so myself!

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