Sunday, January 27, 2013

Facebook Tips to Not Miss Page Posts

This is an off topic blog, but I use Facebook regularly to share great health and behavior tips to parents, and I find that only a small percentage of them are able to see the posts regularly. It makes sense that if you have hundreds of friends plus follow scores of pages, you won't see every post every day. But if you really like a page and want to be sure to see all of its posts, I have found the best way is to add it to an interest group. There are two ways to add pages to your interest group, both described below.

I have seen many posts about how to make things show in your News Feed by selecting "Get Notifications" and "Show in News Feed", but I find that those simply don't work. (I follow many pages since I administrate my office FB page, so maybe that affects it, but I still miss pages that way.)

You will be able to set up various interest lists if you want. (They STILL don't always show up in your news feed, see BIG TIP below.)

First, log into Facebook for either method of setting up interest groups or adding to your group. (Note: if you are a page administrator, you must be logged in as your personal account, not your Page.)

First method: This works well if you are on a page and want to add it to an interest group. Click on the little gear/arrow (in blue below) and then add to Interest Lists.

Second method:  This works well if you want to add several favorite pages all at once or if you want to follow an interest group that is public.

From the Home screen view: Along the left sidebar there are several categories: Favorites, Apps, Interests, and more.  Before you set up interests, it will just have "Add Interests..."  Once you have set them up, you can select the Interest Group you want to see.  My Interests are pictured here:
The blue Interest "Work help" is one I've made, and it consists of pages I often find interesting articles to repost. "Health Causes" and "Child Causes" (green) are standard public groups that I follow to see if I find new pages to "Like".  If you click on "Add Interests..." you will find many pages either similar to pages you already follow or ones your friends follow.  You can also make your own interest group(s), which is where you can put pages you don't want to miss:

BIG TIP: Once you have your interest groups set, you need to remember to actually look at them since they don't automatically pull into your news feed. The only pages that show up at that point are those from that group. (No friend updates or other pages.) You will then simply click on "Home" to return to your usual News Feed.

I hope this helps... at least until Facebook changes its settings again!

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