Saturday, May 24, 2014

Summertime = School Physical Time!

Summertime is the time many school aged kids get their annual check ups. In Kansas it is important that high school aged kids do their physicals after May 1st if they want to participate in a school sport. Other kids simply don't need to miss school on their birthday to do a physical. It's also good to avoid our office during sick season if possible. For all these reasons, summer time is a great time to have a well check. So if you haven't scheduled your physical exam yet, it's time to call! Appointments do fill in fast.

Why do healthy kids need to come in? It's recommended that kids have annual screenings for growth, development, injury prevention, and more. Actually there's so much that we are supposed to discuss and do at a well visit that it is impossible to do it all in a standard 20 minute exam. (See Drowning in a Sea of Advice for more.)

To help with this enormous volume of information, we use handouts and our website to share a lot so we can spend time at the visit discussing your other questions. Please take the time to register each of your children on our website so you will get a pre-visit e-mail. This is becoming even more important as we are trying to be your true medical home and provide the best care to every patient with their unique needs.

To register, simply go to and click on the "Create an Account" tab at the top of the page and fill in the information. (Note: Firefox seems to be the best browser for our website. If you are using Explorer or Safari and cannot get the site to load properly, try Firefox.)

Once you've registered the first child, it's easy to add family members. See our How To page for details!
By registering each child you will be able to not only receive these informational pre-visit e-mails, but also ask questions to our front office staff or your favorite providers in a confidential password-protected manner, and pay bills online. Everything is confidential and we will never sell your personal information. 

Our pre visit e-mails have age-specific information to consider before your visit. Please take the time to read through it. Each e-mail has a homework section that is especially important. If you do your homework before the visit, you will find the visit to run more smoothly and you will get more out of it.

This summer I am doing a test of sorts. We are including several printables on the pre-visit e-mail to make your office time easier. You can print your patient information sheet if needed (due once/year, usually at the annual checkup, so young children who come more often don't always need these). We are starting a pre-visit questionnaire that will help identify any concerns to address at the visit. I am hopeful that we will be able to cover more of your specific questions if we know you have read the information on the e-mail, so we don't have to repeat all of the standard things. This should allow much better use of time at your visit to address your concerns.

Watch for your pre-visit email and take the time to read it! I hope to see your kids for their well checks soon!

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