Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Traffic Woes

6:15 am: things look great!
Last week I started to see a trend toward both early and late arrivals.  Because appointments are scheduled on average every 15 minutes, showing up even 10 minutes early or late can cause significant backlogs in our flow (some were over 25 min late... and not people who are usually late -- we track those).  We need to see all patients who come to the office, and will work them in the best we can, but unfortunately when people arrive at times other than their scheduled appointments, there is no way to see everyone in a timely manner.

I apologize to all of my patient families who waited and will wait. Believe me, I HATE to run late. Rest assured that when it is your turn, I will spend the time needed with your family.  

While we moved south of the major construction, Highway 69 is still used by many to get to us and is experiencing significant delays at various times of the day. Side streets are having more traffic because people are avoiding the highways.  I appreciate everyone's help and patience during this construction time.

  • Please check KDOT or Scout if you will be traveling on any of the area highways to approximate your travel time and adjust accordingly. 
  • If you will be late, please call ahead. This allows us to rearrange the flow, such as by working in early arrivals (we usually have them wait in the waiting room so that we can see on time people first).
  • If you are early (some are planning on more travel time than needed!) please let the receptionist know.  If the provider you are scheduled to see has an earlier time available, you can be worked in early. If another provider has a no show or late arrival and you are willing to see them, please let the receptionist know you are flexible.
  • If you are late, you might be asked to wait until your provider has another opening or you might be asked to see another provider. Please let the receptionist and nurse know your preference.  I appreciate your flexibility.
  • PLEASE: if you are coming between 8 and 8:30 (very busy traffic time) and 1:30 and 2... try especially hard to be on time! Those are the first appointments of the morning and afternoon. If we get started late, it is especially difficult to get back on track!
  • Please let the nurse know if you need to leave soon.  She will try to estimate how long it will be for your scheduled provider and see if there is someone else who can see your child if needed. 
  • Bring any forms you might need already completed. If it takes 10 minutes to fill out the forms in the waiting room, you will save 10 minutes!

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