Friday, March 9, 2012


Ski trip from 2011
It's the start of Spring Break, and I'm starting to see pictures from all over on Facebook.  Friends in Colorado.  Friends at the beach.  Friends not home...

Which gets me thinking.

It isn't too hard to conceive that some unscrupulous contact would love to have a new computer, tv, personal safe...

Is it safe to post pictures or updates announcing your home is open for the week?  I know our co-workers and friends know we are going on vacation, but the cyber world is different.  A lot of people see that information.  A lot of people you don't know well.

What if...

Is it safe?

Can your postings wait until you get home?  I'd still love to live vicariously through your photos, but I want you to have a safe trip and a return to an intact home.

Wow!  My shortest blog ever.  EVER!  :-)

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